11 August 2014

a very English morning

This morning on our walk we saw ears of wheat [update: barley]

and early morning sunlight in the trees.

And, on the way home, I saw a steam-engine with a trailer.

Only in England!

I have three pedometer apps on my phone – I’m trying to find an accurate one as my android gives very different results to my friend’s apple. Anyway, noomwalk has given me 13162, walklogger 12356 and pacer 11896 – for our morning walk from Moor Green Lakes plus a trip to get new boots.


#411514       R65 G21 B20

7 comments on “a very English morning

  1. Lovely English morning, but please forgive me as I can’t help myself — the wheat you show surely has to be barley. I grew up with barley fields all around in Yorkshire. Sorry to be picky — but I do love your blog

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