15 August 2014

challenge catch-up

Diva#180 was to use the tangle MacDee (which looks like tartan); here combined with grained to make something sweet for wicked Wednesday#149

StringThing#53’s template turned into a sun-like zendala which does very nicely for joey#21 which is to tangle a sun.

• from the centre, pokeroot, onomata, planateen and hurray
template (#09)


#534828       R83 G72 B40

15 comments on “challenge catch-up

  1. I smiles when I saw what you have done with MacDee. I love three dimensional tangles. What a good solution to string thing 53. I’m having trouble with it. nice work

  2. Sal, what an awesome use of Macdee!!! Lily also did something where she brings the lines into 3D. You have both inspired me to give something like that a try. So thank you!It looks difficult! Anyway, thank you for giving me a smile on my blog! Have a great weekend! :0) Share Humanity

  3. Love the colors and the inner part of your tangle! Your website/blog are really well put together! You seem to have an excellent understanding of the intricate parts of things….and the creativity to play with them!

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