19 August 2014

challenge catch-up

Diva#181 challenged us to be inspired by water; joey#22 was to do two of something. Here are my fave watery tangles in a string with (almost) bilateral symmetry – bare, with shading and after colouring.

sucker, riverstones, fishface and meer


#3B414F       R59 G65 B79

17 comments on “challenge catch-up

  1. Thank you for showing the developing stages of this tile. I saw the top one and liked it; moved on and liked the shaded one then just loved it with colour. I’ve not seen the Fishface pattern before, where’s it from? Good tiles, all three.

  2. nice combination of the two tangles. I love fishface. Thanks for introducing me to it.. It’s really interesting to see the three different versions.

  3. Wow! Great fish shape and fish tangles! I’ve seen fishface before – works so well for this challenge…why didn’t I think of it? Love you bouncing dots on the home page! Axxx

  4. Had to come back and say how impressed I am with that bilateral symmetry. Cool. I also clicked on the little balls on your home page, having read your comment. Now that is Cool

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