2 September 2014


Diva#183 was to use the tangle x-did (here with tipple and msst), and joey#24 was to use five overlapping circles.

It was a wrench letting go of the mouse to pick up a pen, as I’ve been having such fun designing posters; here’s the latest.


#839243       R131 G146 B67

17 comments on “challenges

  1. I love ‘X-DID’ in a circular fashion like this! It’s amazing how different it looks! I’m glad you tried it! It’s fun to see how everybody adds their own twist to it!! Beautiful! Thanks! Annette :0) Share Humanity

  2. Nice idea to combine the two challenges 🙂
    The result is beautiful.
    I also like the poster, with the pattern repetition and nice color transitions

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