Friday 23 May 2014


Four challenges in this post, starting with a new one to me: Tackle it Tuesday #L – to use only tangles beginning with L. Mine are link feather (my fave), lamar, lily-eyes, lola and laces.

Diva #168 to use the tangle rain.

Joey #9 to use the tangle queen’s crown. I’ve done a monotangle and incorporated the letter Q.

String thing #41 using the tangles ripples, river, river stones and rixty.


#4565E9       R69 G101 B233

11 comments on “challenges

  1. All good, but the first and last are real favorites with me. In the first I LOVE the whimsy of the little curling lines. And the last one is nice and dramatic and the best part was I was looking at your list of tangles and going: Rixty? She didn’t use Rixty. Ha. She made a mistake. Then – ding! I saw it and the joke was on me!

  2. All of your tiles are wonderful. I am here from the Diva’s challenge. I love what you’ve done with Rain. Such a beautiful rainbow. And it adds so much to have the colors pool together at the end. Nice touch.

  3. I just could not be inspired with the String Thing #41, although I admire what you managed to make of it. But I really really love your rainbow! Very creative!

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