13 May 2014

stringThing#40, diva#167 and joey#8

This week’s challenge from madebyjoey was to use a 2″ tile and at least one tangle representing something tiny. Here I’ve used spawn, lilypads, koryl, lily-eyes and lotus pods.

This week’s diva challenge was to use just two tangles: punzel and well. [Update: A confession – I penciled the spiral for punzel first!]

And the string thing challenge was to use tangles beginning with “be”. From the centre, mine are beez-wacks and berries (sounding like a perfumed candle), followed by beanstalk and beadlines. It goes without saying that I enjoyed the symmetry for this one!


#B22424       R178 G36 B36

8 comments on “stringThing#40, diva#167 and joey#8

  1. I am so impressed with how flame-like your Punzel looks. And the one big Well in the background is quite original. Love the tiny twinchie! And then I had to sroll down really fast, so as not to get influenced by someone else’s String Thing again 😉

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