depth of field

I chose my mobile phone for the quality of its lens but, apparently, there’re no phones yet with aperture priority — so, this morning (very early this morning), I used my camera for some macro shots with a very short F-stop.

One of the beans has started to climb

and many are growing new leaves.

The ornithogalum is a thing of beauty

as is the plant whose name I’ve forgotten.

Low sun through the lunaria

and on the buds of the shasta daisy

and scabious.

This, I think, is celosia (cock’s comb)

and this is definitely dahlia,


tweedia (which promises blue flowers),

and one of the very few surviving cucumbers.

I picked some of the unknown flowers, a neighbour’s geum (with her permission) and some cow parsley to make my first bunch of 2021.

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