31 July 2014

a sea creature and the first ninth

This week diva#178 was to duotangle (use just two tangles) using tangles beginning with our initials, and the Wicked Wednesday theme is mythical sea creatures.
Here’s a poor shot of mine; it’s not an ATC, breaking WW rules, but uses sucker and squidee to make a sort of sea creature.

Doodling made a nice change to being hunched over a hot sewing machine as I finally got on with quilting. This isn’t a ninth of the quilting nor a ninth of the quilt but, for convenience, “the first ninth”.

To keep me focussed, here’s a diagram of how much I’ve done so far. The white rectangle shows quilting finished. I haven’t quilted right up to the edge as I’ll go over each join as I make it.
I’m not sure if this is a good idea!


#584d4b       R88 G77 B75

9 comments on “a sea creature and the first ninth

  1. I really like your sea creature – love how you can make patterns do what you want them too. I love your quilt – so much work but such pretty result.s. (I’m a quilter too)

  2. Great Sea Critter, Sal. Love the undulation of the arms. Color in the Tail Fins is very effective. Love your quilt. Lots of work ahead, but the quilts are so satisfying when done. I find Binding to be tough.) Good work on both projects.

  3. Love the mystical sea creature!! There are so many tangles that I’m seeing in everybody’s tiles that I’m going to have to look into. I really like your quilt! looks like you’re gonna be busy for a while! Awesome! ;0) Share Humanity

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