it’s compulsive!

Oh, what fun!

And then I discovered quordle — solve four at once!

I’ve been using this list of letter frequencies:

e t a o i n s h r d l c u m w f g y p b v k j x q z

which has driven the choice of my usual first few words: atone, shirk, clump (though I now can see that shred might be better that shirk — depending on the vowels, I’ll try that next time)

But, applying some geekiness, have found that wordle’s list of valid words has this frequency of letters:

e s a o r i l t n u d y c p m h g b k f w v z j x q

which suggests arose, until, ch?mp, gybed as more reasonable starters.

There’re many webpages devoted to this, but I shan’t get drawn in!

Update: have got drawn in!

The letter frequencies in the answers are different again:

e a r o t l i s n c u y d h p m g b f k w v z x q j

which makes orate a good starter word.

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