21 September 2018

moulds – making and comparing

This morning, I had a go at making a pattern for a mould from a clay substitute

which I used to make a mould from silicone rubber.

I mixed too much silicone, so used the excess to mould some turtles and fish scales too.

I have too many bubbles!

These two beads (coloured with cranberry alcohol ink) are from different types of mould. The one on the right has no shrink marks and was in a very thick mould.

Today’s experiment is to put the poorer, thinner mould on a rotating turntable as the resin sets to see if that gives a good effect and to see if it eliminates the shrink marks.

We popped some spheres set in cubes

and some more meeples and turtles.

#686C2D       R104 G108 B45

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