walnut and greengage cake

There was a recipe in the Observer for a date and miso cake which looked tempting, so having some precious, precious eggs, the offspring and I gave it a go. As usual, we made modifications according to likes/availability!

plain flour 250g
baking powder 1 tsp
salt a pinch
rolled oats 50g
soft dried apricots 100g substituted defrosted greengages from the garden
dates 200g
eggs 2
walnut halves 50g
malt extract 150g
light muscovado brown sugar 100g
black treacle 2 tbsp
espresso coffee 125ml, hot

For the miso glaze:
white miso paste 2 tbsp
boiling water 40ml
icing sugar 180g
dried apricots 3
dates 3, stoned

[Mix dry, melt sugars, mix in, add fruit, nuts and eggs; flat tin, mark 3.5 about an hour]

We doubled it, as we had four eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚.

I meant to boil down the leftover plum juice for the glaze, but the two-legged mice beat me to it.

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