30 August 2014

challenges – click, pen and boots

Playing with the new software, I’ve made another poster

Meanwhile diva#182 was to use stripes; here with link feather, centipede, petal ribbon, scrolled feather and kunstler.

We did a new walk yesterday – around Virginia Water and the pedometer results were: noomwalk 13319, walklogger 12450 and pacer 11073. It will be know as the terrier walk from now on as a good half of the dogs we saw there were various types of terrier. Today we did Shinfield Grange: noomwalk 6745, walklogger 5855 and pacer 6505.


#2F312E       R47 G49 B46

6 comments on “challenges – click, pen and boots

  1. nice choice of patterns for your stripes. I especially like the bottom one that looks like little eyes looking out at your. Your poster is gorgeous. What software allows you to do that?

  2. The area near Virginia waters Is so very beautiful, when my daughter lived in Bracknell we went there a lot of times.
    Your tile is pretty and has great contrast.

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