3 August 2018

dressmaking catch-up

I’ve been a busy sewing-bee and have made two pairs of trousers. The pattern is Style Arc Daisy. The blue fabric is a linen/viscose mix and the pink is viscose. I made the legs wider for the pink ones; just right in this hot weather.

This is from an ebay remnant that was advertised as viscose; it wasn’t until I’d cut it that I realised that it is polyester. Of six fabrics advertised as viscose, three have turned out to be polyester. Urgh!

The pattern is Vogue V9171 and will be even nicer made from viscose.

This is Solange from Le Maison Victor in overdyed printed linen/viscose. I removed the sleeves and added a side zip as the pattern’s for stretchy fabric and this isn’t.

This is waiting for a good ironing and some buttons. It’s another ebay remnant and the pattern is Hot Patterns 1116. I changed the sleeves to normal cuffs.

#686C2D       R104 G108 B45

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