13 October 2018

flora, fauna and all things sweet

As I’m loving the fat bird mould, I’m trying filling it with various fillers. This is alcohol inks – I didn’t stir in the white enough, but still think that it looks OKish.

The 3D shapes arrived on Wednesday – I ordered them on Friday night – and, straightaway, I made moulds of them. I had fun as they floated so I weighted them down but still had to add more silicone.

While I was mixing the silicone, I also moulded one of the fat birds. Here they are filled with bronze (top left), and pink, orange and blue glow-in-the-dark mica.

I’ve made three fat birds using three different metal fillers;

there’s a gorgeous effect where the filler has sunk to the bottom of the mould.

Meanwhile, the offspring tried making brown mica azul pieces with gold centres – looking rather like toffees.

#686C2D       R104 G108 B45

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