more experiments

We’ve been experimenting with different variations for our games pieces. This is half-and-half (ish) of two colours of mica,

and here with a better colour choice, radish and dark purple.

I have all of the onyx birds hanging together; they look very pretty but were hard to snap.

I also played with the alcohol ink again, this time stirring a few drops of white and each colour into a little resin before stirring it in.

The first fat bird I made (here on the right) was filled with onyx; I’ve been trying since then to match the colour – thus all the onyx birds. I think that it was because the resin was old (more than five years old), and all the other samples are from new resin. Still trying to match it, I’ve cheated a bit with the bird on the left, by adding a tiny amount of jungle green mica. The colour’s not quite pale enough, so next I’ll try half as much mica.

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