6 October 2018

back online with a resin roundup

Now that the lump has sorted out a norrible wordpress bug, I’m back online. While off air, we’ve made some game pieces and a jigsaw piece using sapphire and silver mica,

and I made a mould from some jigsaw pieces,

The jigsaw piece came out like this.

The offspring and I experimented with pouring two colours of mica (here firelight and arctic white) into a third cup, and pouring from that into the moulds.

Here’s my first experiment with alcohol inks. I used far too much, but think that the effect is fab.

We popped some tangerine pop meeples from their moulds,

and the first batch of firelight and white games pieces.

Here’s a polished bead filled with alcohol inks.

Another mould arrived from China, this time of a fat bird. This is filled with copper

and, not that you could tell, the second is leftover general purpose (not clear) resin filled with onyx subsistute.

They look rather lovely, so I’m going to make my own versions from these drawings.

#686C2D       R104 G108 B45

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