29 August 2017

one kilometre and swimming-pool etiquette

It’s taken a few weeks to get there, but I managed 40 lengths of the pool this morning; that’s one whole kilometre! Hooray! 😃

I’m the slowest swimmer in the slow lane so it took almost an hour. What’s the etiquette in the pool? Should I stop at the end of every length and wait for the slightly less slow swimmers and those that really ought to be in the medium lane to overtake me? I’d feel as though I was spending all of my time waiting rather than swimming.

This is like in the supermarket when people with baskets join the queue behind me and my trolley. I could spend so long letting them through before me that I never reach the checkout myself, so I limit myself to one person. What do you do?

The two-legged mice weren’t dutifully impressed, so they won’t be getting any of yesterday’s cheesecake.

Oh, and the second dahlia has bloomed – here with some marigolds.

#4A6829       R74 G104 B41

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