first week in October

… and look what’s still blooming!


the Californian poppies




callistephus (not sure if I like this enough to grow it again)

celosia aka κήλεος (or this)


dahlia, salvia and cosmos (before I tied it back — again — thank goodness that my newest new neighbour hasn’t moved in yet)

I’ve noticed a double cosmos, so have put a peg on it to remind myself to save the seeds

tithonia (another meh)

shasta daisy — the first flower to bloom and still going!



not sure what this is …

cornflowers looking a bit straggly

another zinnia has deigned to flower

and the agapanthus are going strong.

Two bunches, today: pinks (no white) — I’m not sure that the blousy cosmos and the frilly panicum suit each other; and purple and white (no pink) — including three agapanthus to see how they last in the vase.

I spent some time, this morning, thinking about what should go where next year — whether to put the thugs (cosmos and poppies) together at the front so that they spill over the path and not the neighbouring plots.

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